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pan dotsky
26 January
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awkward. ambivalent. anxious.

all agog.
aesthetics, alieni appetens, bar boy's awesome, bicycles, camels, candy houses, chess, chivalry, citroën ds 1967, clavicles, collaborative genius, communications components, cosmos, de sade, debauchery, dionysian orgies, dolls, dopamine, dutch, effervescent vitamin c, elsewhere, equines, ernst jünger, escapism, espionage, exertion, fermented vine, fizzy fizzy, flamingos, floppy puppies, fourth dimension+, girls for my machine, gynaeon pornikon erotomanes, hands, helium, ice lollies, image manipulation, implosion, impulsivity, intersex, les champs magnetiques, linus, little jews, little lambs, lou reed, louis theroux, madness, magpies, marsupials, medieval medicine, memento mori, mythology, natalie elliott, nonsense, nonspatial continuum, opiates, or blanc enterré, oxygen bars, phalli, pink ginger, pomegranates, russia, scandinavia, seaweed, self-abuse, sidewalks, simulation, sleep, spaceship, sub-sahara, supernovas, surrealism, swimming girl soup, the hellfire club, the periodic table, the übermensch, time travel, trepanation, venus in furs, vladimir nabokov, wonderland alice, youth

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